Welcome to Rochester!
Welcome to TypeCon 2001.
Welcome to my site about the amazing days in your company.
This is my old friend Ed, the man who changed my life. I met him 9 years ago, in Brazil.
This is my new friend Chank. My hero. I met him at TypeCon.

Tony Di Pietro, the boss.
Ed Benguiat, the God of 500 typefaces.

Saint Matthew Carter.
Partners in crime.

The sky was so blue. And this building is so strange.

The really big building.

Xank "CEO" Diesel.
Women in typography.
The bar with laser show. (I couldn't take a picture of the lasers).
?????, Ed, Simon, ????, Carol and husband
Fireworks? No, just the hall's lights.

Is this art?........... No.
Ouch!!! That's ultimate frisbee.

Chank, my hero, my friend, my top model.

El Mack de los Toros and her beautiful hat.
Rochester: the future and the past. (Boring!)
Tamye and Kelly
Delve, Brian and Don.
Chris Mc Gregor, Stuart Sandler and Leif.
Sparky, James, ???, ??? and ???
The perfect bus.
Tamye Riggs and Jim Lyles
Chank Army.

I just love this sculpture.

Young guns.
Going to Niagara Falls with Don's GPS system in Leif's car. Cool!
Wow! It's big! But in Brazil we have a larger one. Can you believe it?
The Fantastic Four.

Oh, my God! They killed Tony! You bastards!

"Hey, what about a beer in Canada?"
Without Visa? Bad idea. I was deported. Afterwards, we celebrated at Hooters. Realy cool.

Time to go.
Good memories.

Did you enjoy? I hope so.
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